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Luxe Lounge MedSpa • Jun 21, 2022

Top Five Reasons To Get A Lash Lift

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and big, bold lashes are like beautiful window shades; they accentuate your eyes. However, we don’t always have the time to put on mascara and curl our lashes. That is where the lash lift treatment from Luxe Lounge Medspa comes in. This quick and painless service has many benefits. Here are the top five reasons you should consider getting a lash lift.

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  1. Accentuate Your Natural Lashes. Unlike lash extensions which add additional fake lashes, lash lifts work with your existing lashes. The treatment replicates the natural curl of your lashes, creating a look that is enhanced but never seems fake.
  2. Select Your Style. Lash lifts aren’t one size fits all. There are several different curl styles to choose from. The J-Curl is a small, subtle lift that is barely visible from the front. The B-Curl is a basic curl that is noticeable but not overly dramatic. The C-Curl is the most popular choice and features a gentle curl that seems almost natural. The D-Curl is a dramatic swoop that will make your eyes seem instantly brighter and more open. L-Curls have a flattened base which provides for maximum lift at the end.
  3. Save Time On Makeup. A lash lift can replace your regular liner and mascara routine. Lifted lashes can also be tinted, completely removing the necessity for mascara. This can help save you time in your morning routine.
  4. The Treatment Is Simple. A lash lift takes less than an hour from start to finish. The procedure is painless, and some find it very relaxing. A silicon shield is placed on your skin, and then your lash is glued in place to create the desired curve. From there, a perming solution is applied and sits for 10-12 minutes. Then the area is neutralized, cleansed, and conditioned. Then you’re done and ready to go.
  5. The Lashes Last. After the treatment is over, there is very little required maintenance for your lash lift. For the first 24 hours, you want to avoid getting your lashes wet. This means avoiding heavy humidity and not putting on mascara. Once that 24-hour period has passed, we suggest moisturizing your lashes before bed, but otherwise, there is no required maintenance. Your lash lift will last six to eight weeks before you need to come back in.

Of course, more than any of these other reasons, a lash lift can help boost your confidence. Helping you feel your best and most confident is very important to the team at Luxe Lounge MedSpa.

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