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MOXI Laser in Lexington, KY

Become Radiantly You With Sciton MOXI

Lexington MOXI Laser at Luxe Lounge

Skin that’s radiant, smooth, and healthy looks good on everyone. If minor textural issues, dullness, or discoloration are getting in the way of a clear complexion, consider pre-rejuvenation with MOXI Laser at Luxe Lounge, Lexington’s premier medical spa.

MOXI Laser at Luxe Lounge MedSpa

We at Luxe Lounge MedSpa are thrilled to offer some of the most technologically advanced skin rejuvenation options, including Sciton MOXI, at our boutique Lexington MedSpa. We offer a wealth of services to revitalize your complexion so your skin radiates with health and beauty and strive to deliver the best MOXI Laser Lexington has to offer.

What is the Sciton MOXI Laser?

MOXI Laser is a gentle, non-ablative resurfacing laser that reverses sun damage and dark spots while refining the skin texture. Also known as a photo facial, MOXI administers fractionated laser energy to create tiny injuries within the skin that are hardly visible to the naked eye. As the skin heals, the damaged cells are replaced with new ones, and collagen abounds, dialing up your complexion’s radiance and youthful smoothness.

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Benefits of Sciton MOXI

While facials temporarily improve skin texture and clarity, Sciton MOXI can take your glow and resiliency to the next level. Working within the uppermost skin layers eradicates concerns like discoloration and uneven texture, with results lasting up to several weeks to months. MOXI Laser is a lunch-hour service and uses a topical anesthetic, making it one of the most comfortable, convenient, and highly effective photorejuvenation lasers on the market.

MOXI Laser Candidates

You could be an ideal match for MOXI Laser in Lexington if your complexion is dull, uneven, textured, or marred by sun damage. MOXI is compatible with all skin types and tones. There are only a few contraindications, such as broken skin or active pregnancy. Our aesthetic specialist will review your candidacy before making a recommendation.

A Perfect Match

MOXI Laser is super gentle, meaning we can safely perform it alongside many other skin revitalization services. One of our favorite combinations is Sciton MOXI and BBL HERO. Together, they team up to smooth rough skin and target unwanted pigment to unveil a fresh, vibrant-looking complexion.

MOXI Laser Consultation and Preparation

Our concierge-style aesthetic providers will work with you side-by-side to create a plan. We will listen to your cosmetic concerns, analyze your skin type, and help you decide if MOXI Laser or other services are in your best interest. We never rush the process and will answer all your questions before starting. Preparing for MOXI is as simple as avoiding waxing and exfoliants for several days beforehand.

MOXI Laser Procedure

A Lexington MOXI Laser procedure lasts less than an hour. First, we will apply a topical numbing cream to your face for total comfort. You will also wear eye protection. Next, we will carefully pass the laser over your skin in a grid-like fashion. You may feel heat, prickling, and warmth, but it will be over before you know it.

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MOXI Laser Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

The results unfold over four to five days as the microscopic injuries from the laser heal. Your skin may be red or dotted at first, but it should fade the next day. At that point, it is safe for our Lexington MOXI Laser patients to apply makeup if desired. The procedure can be repeated three to six times initially. Book a maintenance visit every few months and wear mineral sunscreen daily for the most lasting outcome.

Why choose Luxe Lounge MedSpa?

With more than 240 glowing five-star reviews, we at Luxe Lounge have earned a reputation for excellence. We pride ourselves on offering an elite level of service and customized skincare solutions to help you attain your brightest, healthiest-looking skin ever!

Lexington moxi laser model with brown hair

Schedule Your Lexington MOXI Laser Consultation at Luxe Lounge MedSpa Today

The impressive results of MOXI speak for themselves. Call (859) 523-5897 or text (859) 517-5288 to schedule your consultation for Sciton MOXI in Lexington today.


Is MOXI Laser treatment painful?

Gentle and minimally painful, MOXI is well-tolerated. We apply a topical numbing cream first for enhanced comfortability.

Is the MOXI Laser treatment safe?

As a non-ablative laser, this treatment has very few risks. That said, it takes an experienced aesthetic provider to choose the correct settings and avoid damaging the skin.

How long do MOXI Laser results last?

Everyone is different, but you can expect long-lasting radiance and improved texture for up to several months by practicing sun safety, caring for your skin at home, and booking occasional maintenance visits a few times a year.

Will MOXI work with my skin type?

MOXI is friendly to nearly all skin types and tones.

How much does MOXI Laser treatment cost?

The cost of MOXI in Lexington varies since we customize each treatment to your specific needs. For the most up-to-date pricing, book your consultation with us today!

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